Safety Tips

BharatVigyapan.in is maintained by Kriti Creative Marketing & Information Services and as such safety is important for Buyers & Sellers both as a part of our platform.

However, BharatVigyapan.in is merely a facilitator for buyers and seller. Some safety issues to think about are:


Safety for buyers

  • Always see and inspect the product before buying.
  • Don´t bring cash until you know you want to buy the product.
  • Meet the seller in a public place and always bring a friend along with you.
  • Ask how the product will be delivered?
  • Agree how payment and delivery will be made?


Safety for seller

  • Ensure you upload an accurate image of the product
  • Ensure that the contacts you have listed are active
  • Ensure you meet the buyer in a public place
  • Beware of fake messages, demand a alternative phone numbers.
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