Frequently Asked Questions?


Registration/Login Related Questions


Q. How do I register on BharatVigyapan.in?

It’s a simple process. it takes only few seconds to register & post your ads, & follow below steps:

Step 1: Click Create Free Account here or find Login Button on top of page.

Step 2:  Please fill your information correctly:  

  • Name
  • Email-id
  • Password
  • Repeat password
  • Please Tick on "I Agree" button 

Please Note: Once you submit the above information, you become a registered user of BharatVigyapan.in after the verification process will be completed via email validation and phone verification process which you will go thru step by step once you will sign-up here on our site. 


Q. Do I need to register to Start Listing Ads?

Yes, you need to be a registered member to Post Your Advertisement Listings on the site and you need to provide your valid email address to get replies from other businesses and buyers and deals, offers, discounts and latest updates from us. 


Q. What are the benefits of registering on BharatVigyapan.in?

  • You can list 3 ADS per week / 10 ADS per month.
  • Get Special Offers / Discount Coupons / Notification Alerts from us.
  • We Provide Control Panel so that you can Edit / Delete / Re-Post  Your Listings & Get Access to Check Business or Product Enquiries / Replies from other registered users. 


Q. How can I Sign In on BharatVigyapan.in?

 It’s a simple process, & follows below steps:

  • Step 1: Click "Login" button on the right side top of our home page.
  • Step 2: Please enter your registered email address/phone number as username and use your password to login into your account. 


Q. I have forgotten my password. How do I get a new one?

You can reclaim your password if you have forgotten it. Follow below steps for recover the password:

  • Step 1:  Click "Lost Password?" link on login panel and it will display a page to you for “Recover Your Password".
  • Step 2:  Enter your registered email address to get new password and click the "Send Me New Password" button.
  • Step 3:  You can see “Success Message” which will be displayed to you for sending the email.


Q. What is the difference between Free Ads & Sponsored Ads?

You can also understand all features here


Q. I have few more queries regarding AD Listing Process?

You May Please Contact Our Support Team



Q. How to Submit an Listing BharatVigyapan.in?  

  • Anywhere on the BharatVigyapan.in page you will find a Red Button that says Create Free Listing on the desktop you will find it in the upper right corner, in the mobile version it is in the side-bar menu List For Free or in the lower right corner. 
  • Fill all the requested valid information; you can add up to 8 images, the maximum image size can be up to 2.2 MB only.
  • The options marked with a (*asterisk) are mandatory fields. 
  • After you have finished click on SUBMIT LISTING

Please Note: 

  • If you are not registered, please create your account first so that you will receive an email with the Options to Edit or Modify the Ad and Delete it. 
  • Duplicate ads are not allowed; the system automatically removes the duplicate ad from the site and will be deleted automatically.


Mandatory Rules to List Product or Services 

Must read these rules and follow them strictly:

  •  All ads must contain relevant photos which suits to your listing according to whatever you are offering. 
  • Do not publish pixilated, unclear or too small images; do not publish images copied from the Internet.
  • Neither image that contains logos or only text as the first image or copied from the other sites. 
  • It is very important for potential buyers to see what the real product they want to buy looks like!
  • Do not post images with watermarks
  • All ads must be published with a valid email address. Keep in mind that even if you post your phone number, many buyers may send you emails, and you do not want to lose those contacts! In addition, from BharatVigyapan.in we will write you to that same address whenever we must send you important communications. Do not worry; your email address will not be visible to the buyers! If you want to show your address, at the time of publishing, choose the option "Show Email On Item Page "
  • All the published listings must be within India territory.
  • The content of the ads should be clear and should not be offensive. Watch your mouth!
  • The description of the advertisements must be clear and concise. Think as a buyer, what information would you need to know about the item in order to buy it?
  • You can include in your ad all the data and images that you need to publish, try to avoid links to other sites, in this way the buyer can see all the information in one place.
  • Do not make duplicate your ad! Duplicate ads are not allowed! If you have an active ad that you previously published and want to republish it, first delete the oldest one.


Q. Why did BharatVigyapan.in remove my ad? 

There are several reasons why your ad might have been rejected:

  • You published a duplicate ad: if you're offering something different, modify the ad using a different title, description and image to distinguish them.
  • The ad violated one of our posting policies or the ad has expired
  •  Ad is under approval mode from ad review team
  •  Sometimes ads are not visible quickly or after few minutes of posting. Please check back after hour or Contact Us
  •  Once ad will be published, you will get an email from us in which you can see AD URL.
  •  You can click on the ad link which will you receive after published ad successfully; once you will click on the link you can see the status of the ad listing. 
  •  You did not mention what you are offering in the ad title or the description does not have enough information.
  •  You published several products in the same advertisement: it details the product or service you are offering, including the brand, model, technical specifications, conservation status, time of use, color, dimensions, item, profession, etc. Publish a product by ad to make it easier to search on the site, thus increasing your chances of selling.
  •  We don’t allow more than one product with different images of the same product in one single listing.
  •  The title contains a link to another website or an email address.
  •  Inappropriate language was used in the listing
  •  The ad contains search tags or directs to another website.
  •  The imagespresent minors have erotic content, inappropriate or naked. 
  •  Please Note: we only allow images of minors if they are catalog or if the image of the minor is indispensable to graph what you offer (for example: animation service of children's parties)
  •  The images have no relation to what you sell or infringe copyright of other brands.
  •  You published a product or service that we do not allowed on our platform or in the country where the ad was published. 

If after verifying the reasons for rejection and the list of content not allowed, you still do not know why your ad is not active, you can Contact Us 

Please Note: If you post a business ad, and during review if we found that it is not an business related ad which doesn’t have a physical address in the city to which it was posted, we will reject it and you will get an email notification from us after rejection or you can check the status in your dashboard after login. 


Q. What items and Service are not allowed by BharatVigyapan.in?

BharatVigyapan.in does not allow the publication of illegal products, according to any law, statute, ordinance or local, state, provincial, national or international regulation. 

The following notices are prohibited in BharatVigyapan.in:  

  • Stocks, bonds and other derivatives of the stock market
  • Ads published by children under 18 years of age
  • Meaningless ads, sentences, opinions
  • Ads with inappropriate images, humorous or unrelated to the advertised product.
  • Duplicate ads (referring to the same service / product in the same or different category / location from the same / different email)
  • Lottery tickets, raffle tickets, game coupons
  • Signal blockers
  • Search for a partner or company; friendship
  • Duplicate accounts (notices published from different email addresses with the same content / objective)
  • Complaints, claims and / or complaints
  • Resolved academic exams
  • Invoices, receipts
  • Photos or images that contain nudity
  • Fireworks
  • Readers, coders or clones of debit / credit cards or checks
  • Telephone lines
  • Cadaveric material
  • Obscene material and all kinds of pornography
  • Medications, contraceptives and prescriptions
  • Mercury
  • Miles, points or upgrades of airlines
  • Credit notes
  • Stolen objects and tools for theft
  • Multilevel job offers
  • Offers or searches for illegal work
  • Offers or job searches for / for children under 18 years of age.
  • Erotic products or services
  • Sex toys
  • Properties without writing and vehicles without documents
  • Replicas of branded apparel
  • Used underwear
  • Academic preparation service
  • Service offered to make purchases online
  • Services that offer account modification kilometers
  • Food supplements
  • Tobacco and products used for smoking
  • SIM cards wholesale or Mobile Number Sale
  • All kinds of offensive material
  • Poison
  • Wholesale of branded item


Q. How long did the Ads in BharatVigyapan.in last?

  • All the FREE ADS, which are seems to be relevant according to our listing policy, will get remain visible for 90 days
  • All the ADS which are comes under PAID SERVICES will get remain visible on the site same as like 90 days but will be Sponsored/ Highlighted or On the Top as per the subscription paid for the services i.e. for One day, 7 days, 14 days or 30 days.
  • 3 days before the listing get expires will be notified by email and a link will be sent to you via EMAIL on your registered email address, which will help you to re-publish the advertisement with a new publication date.


Q. What information can users see on your profile if you update?

Users can only see the following personal information: 

  • Business or Individual Name- This is the name you want to show in your ads
  • Mobile / Telephone Number - Very important so that buyers can contact you.
  • Business Website Address, If Any - This will show up in your profile
  • Your Address - Which you will provide us while updating your profile.

*** The E-mail can be seen if and only if the advertiser chooses to show it (see question two)


Q. How sellers can contact buyers on BharatVigyapan.in?

Each time a salesperson responds to your query, you will receive an email that will include the answer to your query and a link to the ad that you contacted.

Remember that the seller could have also published his phone number and you can call him directly.


Few Safety Tips to Buy :  

  • We strongly recommend that buyers meet sellers IN-PERSONand only transfer money or make a payment after having inspected the product. You never transfer money in advance!
  • If you cannot find the seller IN-PERSON and the product will be sent, be sure to request a TRACKING NUMBER from the courier company used and confirm that it is valid. 
  • We does not provide any type of payment service to UNVERIFIED SELLERS WHO DOES NOT HAVE OUR TRUST SEAL and is not responsible for transactions between buyers and sellers. Be careful! You are responsible for your own actions.
  • Remember! Never make payments or transfers without having made sure that the product will arrive. It is a common scam to request a prior payment and never send the product
  • We request you to please REPORT these types of users to us because we want a safe community.

You still have questions or want to make a report, please Contact Us



Q. How to Report Fraud? 

  • Your security, and that of other users, we care a lot! That is why we appreciate your contributions and we advise you to report any suspicious cases immediately to us.
  • If you receive a fraudulent or suspicious message and in case you consider that an advertisement violates our rules in any way, please Contact Us and avoid all types of communication or negotiation until you receive our response.
  • If you have information about a fraud that you have been a victim of, you can also Contact Us and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Q. How to identify fraud?

Find here some tips to detect fraud when you buy or sell ; 

Tips for Buyers - Pay special attention when:

  • The product has a suspiciously low price as compare to market value.
  • The seller asks for an advance payment or the payment of the value of the shipment/courier.
  • The seller provides a different location to the buyer that doesn’t appears in the advertisement.
  • The seller cannot meet in a public place but insists you on sending the product.
  • The seller requests you for your personal information (i.e. bank details, mailing address, debit or credit card number, etc., or any other information that could be misused). Please remember that you can communicate with the seller through the BharatVigyapan.in messaging system or directly via WHATSAPP; you do not need to give your email address or any personal information in any case.
  • The seller is in another country.
  • The ad seems too good to be real.

Tips for Sellers - Pay special attention when:

  • The buyer insists on paying by check or with payment systems such as Western Union or Moneygram.
  • The buyer insists on receiving the product before paying for it.
  • The buyer requests personal information (i.e. bank details, mailing address, debit or credit card number, etc., or any other information that could be misused). Please remember that you can communicate with the seller through the BharatVigyapan.in messaging system or directly via WHATSAPP; you do not need to give your email address or any personal information in any case.
  • The buyer is in another country.
  • If you suspect an ad, click on “REPORT AD” which is available under bottom of the seller information panel. If you have been a victim of fraud, please contact us immediately.
  • Please Note: if any buyer or seller making any transaction without using our eCommerce Platform, we will not responsible for any fraud, because we have a secure payment gateway to protect our buyers and sellers to become an victim of any type of scam. 


Suspicious Messages :

Always distrust messages with a strange English or Broken English or when the buyer / seller are not from India. 

Also when the deal they offer seems too good to be real.


Q. What does BharatVigyapan.in do in case of fraud?  

  • We are not involved in any way in the transactions that are made between users without using our secure payment gateway. 
  • The payment, the delivery method and other details are only agreed between the seller and the buyer if they are making any transaction outside of our eCommerce Platform and using our services just as an source to find products and services. 
  • We are committed to the safety of our users and co-operate with the authorities in case of receiving a request for information related to any fraudulent or criminal activity.


Q. How do I find a listing for a specific item or service on BharatVigyapan.in?

Step 1:  Keyword Search

  • If you put in keyword as "cars" or "CARS", searching result would be the same. 
  • No Capital Letter Distinguishing

Step 2:  Search by "Category"

  • Users can enter keywords in the Keyword search text box as shown. 
  • If you have more than one keyword, there is no need to include "and" between keywords, just use space.
  • To find an Ad for a specific items/products/service on our site, you need to enter the relevant / exact keyword and the search feature on the site will display results matching your search.

Step 3:  Easy Search

  • We have also introduced an "Extra Feeds" (Auto complete) feature to facilitate easy search.  
  • You can search for items within a specific category as shown below.

Please Note : If you are a seller and want to get LISTED YOUR PRODUCTS, Interested to get TRUST SEAL or Having Question related to our commission charges for each sale you make on our eCommerce Platform, please feel free to Contact Us





  • The fact of having sold the product or service published before the end of the term contracted for its promotion or of not having sold it during said period, does not give the User the right to any refund. The User will also not be entitled to a refund if the latter decides to eliminate the advertisement before the term of the contracted promotion ends. 
  • For security reasons, BharatVigyapan.in may postpone the publication of paid advertisements (new or after being edited by the User). In case of not complying with the conditions here required and / or the conditions required both in the Terms and Conditions for Paid Products and in the Terms and Conditions of use of the BharatVigyapan.in site, the paid advertisements can be deactivated or eliminated by the us without prior notification to the User.
  • Any paid advertisement that does not meet previously established terms ad conditions, or that in any way endangers the normal operation of the our site or attempts to interfere with any of security features of the BharatVigyapan.in site can be canceled or deleted without any prior notification by our team and we will not make any refund to listing owner.
  • If for any reason, technical or otherwise, the advertisement is not shown with the conditions established in the purchase of the paid product, once notified of this, BharatVigyapan.in will be obliged only to amend said situation within a period of time. reasonable. The money paid for the Paid Products is not refundable, except in cases of manifest seriousness that will be evaluated by our customer service, which can be accessed through our Contact or Chat section.
  • The User acknowledges that the payment collection services are provided by third parties not related to BharatVigyapan.in
  • It should be noted that the User understands and accepts that said collection services are not related to the service that BharatVigyapan.in provides or are under its control and agrees that in case of non-compliance or defective provision by the third party the User will only claim the third party leaving BharatVigyapan.in unharmed.
  • BharatVigyapan.in makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy or authenticity of the information contained in such sites. The connection that the User makes via published listings by other users of the site which contained third parties links with other websites is totally under the responsibility of said User.
  • The service and availability of Paid Products is provided as advertised ("as is"), without any guarantees of results and to the maximum extent permitted by law. BharatVigyapan.in does not guarantee, represent, or assume any legal obligation or liability for the sale or not of goods or services published and promoted through a Payment Product. 



Q. How does Our eCommerce Platform Works? 

We have a secure ecommerce payment gateway to protect our buyers and sellers to become a victim of any type of scam.  

Benefits of our ecommerce system:  

  • We allow our verified sellers (business or individual) to sell their new and used products online via Our eCommerce System.
  • Buyers or Sellers can make secure transactions with each other via using our secure payment gateway systems (InstaMojo, PayUMoney or PayPal).
  • Seller needs to be submitting their documents to get Trust seal on their profile.
  • Verified Seller (Trust Seal from BharatVigyapan.in) will help buyers to buy products and services from Our Sellers.
  • We will ensure security for our buyers to make transaction without any hesitation via our secure payment system for products and services.
  • We have a reputed courier delivery service partner in India to deliver your purchased products at your location securely so that product can reach you without any issues.
  • Buyers can communicate everything via our messaging system about the listed product or services via our ecommerce platform before buying, once buyer decided to make a purchase then they can use our payment gateway to pay for the product or services.
  • Buyers can see sellers rating as well as they can leave valuable feedback after they receive the product which will help other buyers to buy the same product from the same seller.
  • Seller will get payment of their products after the buyer received the product at their address after the 7 days of time once we will receive the confirmation from the buyer or will not get any return within the 2 days after product delivered (In this way we are protecting our buyers) 

Please Note : If you are a seller and want to get LISTED YOUR PRODUCTS, Interested to get TRUST SEAL or Having Question related to our commission charges for each sale you make on our eCommerce Platform, please feel free to Contact Us



Q. How do I find a listing for a specific item or service on BharatVigyapan.in

Step 1:  Keyword Search

  • To find an Ad for a specific items/products/service on our site, you need to enter the relevant / exact keyword and the search feature on the site will display results matching your search.
  • If you have more than one keyword, there is no need to include "and" between keywords, just use space.
  • Users can enter keywords in the Keyword search text box as shown. 

Step 2:  Search by "Category"

  • You can search for items within a specific category as shown below.
  • We have also introduced an "Extra Feeds" (Auto complete) feature to facilitate easy search.  

Step 3:  Easy Search

  • No Capital Letter Distinguishing
  • If you put in keyword as "cars" or "CARS", searching result would be the same. 
  • Q. How do I find an ad by city/pricing/pictures?

You can also search by keywords, city, pictures, pricing.  


Q. How do I share my ad to a friend’s/relative/publicly?

  • With the new upgraded feature on BharatVigyapan.in you can now share the ad (via Email or Other Social Networks like Facebook, twitter or WHATSAPP) you are viewing (you can also share your own ads too) to a friend’s/Relatives/publicly via share button.
  • If you are sharing ad with your friends or relative, after clicking on share button, you can enter your name, your friend/relative Email-id or message etc. 


Q. How do person like my ad on BharatVigyapan.in?

  • When anyone will like / tweet your ad then like, tweet, Google+ will be increase automatically. You can also Facebook like, tweet, Google+, pin it on your own ads.
  • Only Registered Users can also give voting/rating on your ads.


Q . How can I report an Ad Listing that I feel is inappropriate?

On the view Ad page, you can report Ads which you feel are fraudulent or inappropriate for site.

  • Go to the "Mark as" section on the right side of the view Ad page.
  • Choose a reporting reason from the pre-defined drop-down options. For e.g.: Spam, Misclassified, Duplicate If you want to give a reason for reporting the Ad then leave your comment below ad on view Ad page (see screenshot).
  • Our team will take action upon the Ad within 24 hrs. Based on the site policies.


Q. What is "Subscribe to this search" on search page?

Its newsletter subscription. You can get alerts, notifications, updates; special offers from us so, please subscribe this.


Q. I have some other queries regarding Search & Browse?

Please Contact Our Support Team



Q. How do I PROMOTE OR ADVERTISE on BharatVigyapan.in

To advertise & promote Your Product, Services & Business with us We do have a option of Banner Ad our site for advertising wherever you want.

Q. How does this Banner AD works?

  • Banner AD works for our advertisers same as like Google Adwords (Pay Per Click Model), If any user is searching our site as per the keywords, your relevant banner will be displayed in front of our users on our website. 
  • We don't charge any fee to view your Banner AD until user doesn't show his interest via click on your displayed banner.

Q. What are the benefits of this Banner AD?

  • Once you will advertise via Banner AD, then potential or Interested users once clicked on your displayed banner then they will automatically redirected to your provided links wherever you want the traffic.

Q. What should I do to Use Banner AD Services?

Just Follow the simple steps mentioned below :

  • Just click on the button and fill the form with required information as below :
  • Then you can find "Advertise Here" button everywhere on our site.

First you need to create an account to become verified advertiser after the validation via EMAIL and Phone Number.

  • Banner Name - it can be anything which suits to your requirements or easy to remember for those who are frequent advertiser on our site.
  • On Click URL  - it is one of most important attribute which must be accurate and valid to drive potential traffic to your site.
  • HTML Code- we need HTML Code which will help us to make best view for our mobile site users as it can be automatically change the size as per the screen, If you have ADSENSE CODE or IMAGE BANNER, please contact us so that we will help you to advertise your banner on our site within minutes.
  • Category - you can choose relevant category as per your product or services so that banner will be displayed in that particular categories only, if you want to show your banner in every category then select all the categories.
  • Pay Per View / Pay Per Click- these are the charges to promote your banner, as we said that we do not charge to view your banner but once any user who will click on the displayed banner in that case you will be charged as per our standard charges applicable.
  • Your Budget- this will help you increase or limit the traffic, more budget means more traffic so use budget as much as you can (you can start from hundred bucks to thousands as per your choice) then click on submit banner.

Q. What will happen once I will submit Banner?

  • We will review your banner once we will receive your BANNER Request.
  • Once your banner will be approved, you will get an email from support to make a payment according to selected budget.
  • Once you will make an amount as requested after the payment made, your banner will be displayed automatically.
  • Once you will submit an Banner AD, we will review your banner first once we will found content suitable and links are relevant then we will approve your Banner AD within next 24 to 48 hours as per the standard approval timings.

Q. For How Long Banner will be visible on BharatVigyapan.in?

The Banner will be remain visible until the total budgeted amount gets exhausted

Q. What type of Banner AD do we support on BharatVigyapan.in?

To know more about our banner ads, please visit here or please Contact Us



Q. How do I suggest a new feature for BharatVigyapan.insite?

We're constantly adding new features based upon the feedback provided by our Users/Businesses (Sellers and Buyers). Please write in your suggestions to us via Contact Form or Contact Us via WhatsApp Support


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