How do I change the email address in My Account?
To change your email address, firstly you'll need to create a new account using your new email address. Once you've done, you can logged in with the help of username & password after that go to dashboard and check the option of update profile, click on email address, change email address and then click on update so that you will successfully update your email address

Why can’t I login to My Account?
There are a couple of main reasons why you might be struggling to log in:
Your account is not yet activated when you register with we’ll email you an activation link. Be sure to open this email and click the link to activate your account. It’s then ready to use – simply login with the username and password you choose when you registered. If you haven't received your activation email or have lost it, please try resending it first. If that doesn't work, please let us know.

Your login details are incorrect Your username is the email address you used to register with. If you’ve forgotten your password, it’s easy to reset it online. We’ll email you the steps to set a new password, allowing you to login with your new details.

Please Note: You must have an Account in order to view or manage your bookings online. If you haven’t created one yet, you can do it by Registering online. Making a booking using your email address will not automatically create an account.

Where can I find a list of my product/service listings?
You'll find this in My Account. When you register, you can log in and view any listings you've posted on site. Handy. If you haven't got an account, you should make one straight away. Just kidding, you can view individual future listings by clicking My Dashboard and entering your listing details by this link (Sell With Us).

I have received a promotional email and would like to unsubscribe, how can I do this?
Every promotional email we send contains a link at the bottom to 'unsubscribe' you from our mailing list. Either click on this link to unsubscribe or email

We won't take it personally! Remember, we'll never sign you up to our Deals by Email without your permission.

How do I change my email address on my existing listings?
To change your email address for your existing listings, you need to change it in your account also or you can contact us on +91 88003 87006, we will be happy to help you or you can self change by logged back in your account.

Follow by this DashBoard > Profile > Select Update > Change Email Address > Click Save

How do I create and manage My Account?
To create a My Account you'll need to Register Online where you’ll find instructions on how to set this up. Once you've signed up you can access your account at any time with your login details.

Once you've logged in, you'll see tabs for your Manage Dashboard, Profile and Other Serices. You can amend details like your address and postal/pincode, add unlimited products/services & see all the listings you've added and stayed at in the past. Nice na.

What is Account and what is the benefit of having an account?
My Account is your own personal area within You can login and view any listing you've made, see the reviews, no. of people viewed your products you've added with us and you can edit/delete any of your listing in future. There's even a many features are available for you, once you become an verified sellers by registering your account with us. Register Your Account Now For Free.

How do I reset my password for My Account?
To reset your password just click here and enter your email address. We'll sent you an email with a link to choose a brand new password. Exciting...

I forgot My Account login details, what do I do?

No worries. Your username is the email address you used to register with, and if you've forgotten your password just click here and enter your email address. we will sent you an email with a link so you can choose a brand new password.

How can I delete My Account?
We can do that for you, just email us at and write us "Why do you want to close your account?"
We'll then (regretfully) close your account.

Will my email address be used by for marketing purposes?

Nope, not unless you ask us to. When you added a product/services listing, your email address will only be used for marketing purposes if you specifically opt for us to do so. and you totally should (our e-mails are great)...

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